Friday, October 5, 2007

on the common

part 2 of blog 'Secret Diary of a Street Girl' by Bête de Nuit

Before I tell you about K., there are a couple of things I forgot to mention about D.

One day, after I had stopped her coming to my flat, I saw her in the street. I went to say hello to her, to see how she was getting on. We ended up going back to my flat. I didn't want to have sex with her but I got her to kneel down next to the bed and bend over. I pulled her knickers down and then I saw that they were soiled. My first thought was that she has been letting men fuck her up the arse without a condom.

I know from watching documentaries on TV about the porn video industry that girls who do anal sex often suffer from inability to control their anal sphincter and they constantly soil themselves. If the anus is relaxed properly before penetration this need not be so. I knew that D. was not concerned about condoms and I knew that she would do anything to get the money together for crack cocaine. Obviously this is very risky behaviour and she would risk getting AIDS.

I have seen her father in the street. I have been told that he is addicted to both crack cocaine and heroin, and is a bully. So what kind of childhood she had I cannot imagine.

A lot of people will say that what I have described is just poor people in south London, something that is unconnected with their own lives. People watch the Jeremy Kyle show or Trisha and they think it is like a different planet. That is why I would like to tell you about K. She did not have a terrible background, as far as I can tell. I want to show what can happen to a woman whose life had been something like what Belle de Jour's is supposed to be.

I found a report about K. She used to contact men using the internet and travel to spend the night with them for about 250 pounds. When I met her two years later she was a street girl selling herself on Tooting Bec Common. She is heavily addicted to crack cocaine and homeless.

I am not a kerb crawler. I do not have a car. I have been told about some of the things that happen on the streets at night but I have no experience of this. I have been told about under age girls being pimped. What I do know about is Tooting Bec Common during the daytime, where the action takes place some distance from any street.

It is not my intention to promote what happens on Tooting Bec Common. I will not give the precise location where street girls go to meet men. Tooting Bec Common is large and someone could wander about it for days without finding the place. Especially as often there are no girls there at all.

I can't remember how I heard about Tooting Bec Common. I learned that it has been a site of prostitution since Napoleonic times, when it was used as a transit camp. I would divide the women into three different groups. There are those who are not addicts, although they may drink and do some drugs sometimes. Then there are the addicts who don't steal. Then there are the addicts who do steal and are best avoided. The first group doesn't really like the second group because they undercut them on price. Nobody likes the third group because they make life more difficult for everybody.

I have been told the names of the ones to be avoided, and K. is one of them. The addicts tend to go to New Park Road/Brixton Hill at night, where they get into men's cars. Some addicts are willing to give blowjobs without a condom on the common for ten pounds. There is a place surrounded by trees and bushes they call 'the office'.

I met K. and I said I would give her ten pounds if she let me finger her. She was pretty and cute and in her early 20s. She was very chatty and told me her life story. I told her that I do not like to have full sex on the common. I asked her if she would like to come to my flat the next day. She said she would and that she would charge me thirty pounds. I gave her my phone number.

She phoned me the next day before she came. We had a long conversation, during which she said 'It's so difficult to meet reliable people in London'. She also said 'There's something important I want to tell you'. It sounded as if something had happened to her recently that she needed to talk about. I told her to tell me when she got here. I said this because I thought it was better for her not to spend more money on the payphone.

When I saw her I gave her a big hug and she seemed to like that. She said 'I'll sit here next to the window'. I don't know if she wanted to talk about whatever was on her mind, but I had forgotten about that. I told her that 30 pounds is not a lot of money and that I would give her an extra ten pounds.

I won't go into the details of the sex but she was enthusiastic and not afraid to say what she wanted to do. She also told me more about herself. She said that she had met a man who had promised to look after her.

She said she wanted come again and that she would phone me. She said she would bring a couple of videos with her. She told me about the amateur pornographic video that she had made and she kept at her hostel, as well as her Ben Dover video. She said we could get a Chinese takeaway for us, and take the cost out of the money that I paid her. So I was looking forward to her coming again. I thought I was onto a good thing.

I waited a few weeks and she didn't call me. I wondered why she hadn't called, and I could think of several reasons. I couldn't help feeling that she had wanted to talk to me more. I felt that maybe she had thought that I was the sort of person who she could talk to about her feelings and things that had happened to her, but I had been a disappointment to her.

When I was on the common I got talking to a girl and she said she would pass a message to K. for me. A couple of days later I got a phone call from K. I had to keep asking her to speak up because I could barely make out what she was saying. I know now that this is a sign that someone has been taking a lot of crack.

As soon as I saw her I was shocked by her appearance. Her face looked different. She was wearing a lot of makeup and she had got some of it in her hair.

I will tell you more about K. in my next posting.