Friday, May 21, 2010

strangest thing happened in Soho today

I got off the bus near Tottenham Court Road and walked through Soho Square, the little park. It's so sunny and warm today and the park was packed with people sitting on the grass. There were lots of girls wearing not much clothing. I would think they are mostly office workers on their lunch break and tourists.

I'm sure that some of the office girls were glad of a chance to take the weight of their feet. Not something that would be so much of a problem for the sex workers of that area. They don't get sore feet, I would guess. Not feet.

I walked along Greek Street and noticed that both Amy and Ivy are at number 8 today. Amy is the girl I mentioned in my last blog. I was pleased because I like both of them. I thought I might end up seeing one of them, but I wanted to see if Alina is at Frith Street. Alina is a girl I have not seen before. I tried to see her when she was in Wardour Street but she had moved on by the time I went there. Now a recent PunterNet report is saying that she is at Frith Street on Wednesdays. I could have gone to see her on Wednesday but I wanted to come to Soho today.

I went up to the first floor flat and there was a different name on the door. I went up to the second floor flat and there was no name on the door but a description of the girl. So I decided to knock and ask. The maid answered the door and I asked what the name of the girl is. It was not Alina, and I asked her if she knew when Alina works there. She said she didn't know. The girl popped her head around the door and smiled. She didn't look very appealing to me, quite tarty.

Bar Italia was nearby and I noticed that there were some unoccupied chairs and tables outside. This is not usual so I ordered a cappuccino and sat a while looking at people walking along the street. I don't understand why some people think Bar Italia is so great. My coffee cost quite a bit, didn't taste anything special and didn't seem very hot.

I wanted to check if either Ritzy or Mimi is at Green's Court. Ritzy is black British and Mimi is Polish. I have been with both of these women and they are very sexy. They were not there so I walked along Berwick Street through the market. I looked to see if Chelsea is at 20 or 70A but she wasn't. Chelsea is an English woman that I saw a few years ago and I remembered I liked her.

I was looking forward to seeing Amy. She is good fun. I rang the bell and the maid answered. She said Amy was busy and that I should come back later. I said how much later but she didn't give me an answer. She asked me if I had seen Amy before and I said yes. Amy then popped her head around the door and peered at me.

So she wasn't busy at all, she had been waiting in the kitchen area. She didn't seem pleased to see me and said "Are you going to stay this time?". I think I remember the maid might have asked the same question. I was puzzled and said yes.

She took me into the bedroom and asked me what I wanted. I said I would like oral sex and she said that she didn't do that. This puzzled me even more. I've had oral sex from Amy, without a condom, a few times now. Even if she had thought I meant me giving oral sex to her, I know she does that because I gave her oral sex once. I don't often do that but if I know I am the first punter of the day I quite like it.

So I said I would go. And I did. I was wondering what the hell was going on and why were they both behaving in such a strange way towards me. At first I thought maybe she had read my blog and what I had said about her and didn't like it. I had not used her name though. But why would she have asked me if I was going to stay this time?

The only thing I can think of is that there is someone who looks like me who is a time-waster. He comes into the flat, maybe waits to see the girl, and then leaves when he gets a look at her. I have never done this.

So I went straight up the stairs and saw Ivy. Ivy was OK with me, although she looked a bit bored. Usually when I see Ivy I stay for 20 minutes and she wanks me off. I have to be in the right mood for this to work though. I wasn't in the right mood, even before the puzzling experience with Amy. So I paid for 10 minutes. I thought I might try fucking her this time, but we ended up with her wanking me.

It was pleasant enough. I didn't come, because even when I am in the right mood it takes 20 minutes. I don't mind not coming though, it's all good fun. I felt like seeing another girl, so I thought I would go to Old Compton Street and see if Ritzy or Mimi are there. Ritzy and Mimi some days work at Green's Court and some days at Old Compton Street.

I could have gone to any of the walk ups and tried my luck in finding a woman who I liked. I have done this, but I wan't in the mood for that. I wanted someone that I have had a pleasant experience with in the past.

At Old Compton Street I saw that Paris and Sandy were there. I have seen both of these women. I didn't want to see Paris. I don't usually go for blondes (although Mimi is a blonde). Paris is also young, and I've lost interest a bit in the younger ones.

I have seen Sandy two or three times before but that was years ago. A year or two ago I did want to see her again. I had waited in her flat with the maid, but when she I caught a glimpse of her she looked a bit rough to me. I told the maid I didn't want to wait and that I would come back later. I didn't come back. In all the years I have been going to Soho I have only done this twice, as far as I can remember, with Sandy and a girl called Chloe.

I decided to give Sandy a go. She was busy so I sat in a room with the maid. There was a rack of pornographic magazines and I had a look at them. Sandy came out of the bedroom, gave me a smile, and asked if I was trying to keep myself horny. She looked really beautiful and in a good mood. When she had got what she came into the room for she went back into the bedroom.

I was still trying to understand why Amy and her maid had behaved so strangely towards me. It had occurred to me that prostitutes might not like men who see them time and time again but only for 10 minutes each time. I thought maybe that a 10 minute session is meant only so that the man can see what the woman is like, but that they make most of their money from 20 minute sessions or longer. That might explain why in some places they charge £50 for 20 minutes, more than double the £20 for 10 minutes. A 10 minute session is like a sample, they know they can tempt the punters in but they like men who stay longer.

The maid was engrossed in her puzzle magazine but I asked her if they don't like men who come back time and time again but only spend 10 minutes. She assured me that lots of men do that and that's no problem at all. I explained to her what had happened with Amy, and she said there are men like that, time-wasters, and Amy was probably confusing me with one of them.

When Sandy was ready for me she invited me into the bedroom. I told her I wanted to spend 10 minutes with her. At this place it is £25. She went out of the room and I took my clothes off and lay on the bed. She took some time coming back into the room and when she did she appologised and said that her boss was on the phone. I didn't know they had bosses. Her boss is a woman.

Sandy was wearing a lovely white bikini type of underwear. It showed off her lovely tan, and when she took it off I could see that it was an all over tan. She has straight black hair and she has the same kind of Mediterranean beauty as Eva Longoria. She is tall too. She reminded me of the beautiful Italian woman who works in the café that I sometimes go to. I had been thinking if only I can find una puttana who looks like this Italian woman I would be happy. And Sandy fits the bill for that, although she is Spanish and not Italian.

She was very chatty and got me erect by a blow job. She asked me if I wanted to do doggy style and I said no get on top of me. She looked wonderful and she bounced about on top of me. I put my hand on her bum, on her hips, around her waist and held her breasts. Then she lay on the bed and I got on top of her and fucked her. Finally she tried to bring me to orgasm with a hand job. Her face was close to mine and she closed her eyes, still smiling. It was then that I thought this is a really beautiful woman that I must see again (and again).

I said I wanted to come back and spend half an hour with her. She told me it would be £75. Just 3 times the 10 minute price that I had paid. She said that if I did that she wouldn't charge me the extra £10 for 'water sports'. We had discussed some of her 'extras'. She said she would piss on me if I wanted and I asked her if she would blow cigarette smoke in my face. She is a smoker and she would do it.

One of the little fantasies that I have had for a long time is to do with Italy, with Naples specifically. I have never been to Naples, but I imagine it is a seedy lived-in kind of place, but with some beauty. I imagine Marseille and Barcelona to be like that too (Sandy is Catalan). I've been to Paris (the city as well as the girl) but Paris is too pretty.

In my fantasy I follow a whore down an alleyway. She is wearing a black skirt and stockings. She walks onto some wasteland, looks round to see if anyone is watching her, lifts up her skirt and squats. I imagine her at the top of a few steps leading to a doorway at the back of a delapidated building. The piss runs down the steps, forming little puddles and rivulets. I can see her black pubic hair - she has lots of it - and the slit of her cunt. No panties. She is smoking a cigarette and she blows the smoke in my direction. I am close enough that I can smell the smoke and the piss. Then she sees me watching her. A look of comtempt comes over her face as she watches me but she continues pissing. Sometimes I imagine two whores pissing together and smoking, talking to each other in the earthy Neapolitan dialect and laughing.

Sandy was wearing stockings when I saw her. Do you think she would wear a black skirt for me too?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

two girls in Soho

A couple of weeks ago I was in Soho but I didn't intend to see a prostitute. I was sitting in Soho Square, a pleasant little park near to Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road. I thought to myself that, if I wanted to, in a couple of minutes I could be in a flat with a naked girl.

I had a particular girl in mind. I won't say her name. I have seen her several times before and I know that she doesn't like publicity. We have discussed the issue. She doesn't have any reports on her on Also I read something recently by a prostitute where she wrote that she and others don't like that kind of publicity.

If I say that she's the chubbiest sex worker in Soho that I know of, that could be anther reason why she might not like it if I identified her. She's the sort of girl I think I will see sometimes for years into the future so I don't want to annoy her. Someone might tell her that I've put stuff on the internet about her.

I knew that she was there that day because I had walked past her doorway. Then I remembered that someone had written that he had seen her recently and she had lost a lot of weight and was more attractive. I wanted to see what she looked like now, so I went to see her.

We lay on the bed together and we had a cuddle and she played with my willy. She remembered me and we had a nice chat. She told me she had just got back from a holiday in Romania. She had eaten lots of food and had put on weight. She looked just the same as I had remembered her.

She said that when she is in Romania she is a good girl, but when she comes to London she is very naughty. I wasn't in the mood to do anything with her that day. Other times I have been to see her she has given me oral sex without a condom. I would like to do that again, and I would like to fuck her too. I like the idea of being on top of her. I wouldn't say she is fat, but nicely rounded.

She asked me what my sexual fantasies are. I couldn't think of anything to say to her then but I have thought about what I want to say to her and what I want to do to her in the future. I have thought up a little game that men and women can play together based on a pornographic video I saw. I call it 'mermaids'. If I get to play mermaids with her I'll tell you all about it.

As I was leaving I saw she had a little collection of pornographic magasines. I thought it would be good next time if we lay on the bed together and looked through them to give us some ideas and get us in the mood.

I have also seen Alena recently. What would have been nice would have been if she had smiled when she saw me, said "Daddy!", and put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Last time I saw her she called me 'Daddy', which I liked. I hadn't asked her to put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist but I had wanted to.

While I was taking my clothes off Alena got onto the bed on her hands and knees naked. She had her bottom facing me and she started moving it around, like a leopardess on heat. She had done this the last time so I think this is a routine of hers.

I stood next to the bed and asked her to stand up. She put her arms around my neck and then her legs around my waist. I carried her around and then sat on the bed with her on my lap. Then we lay on the bed and she played with my willy. She didn't remember me from last time and I had to prompt her to call me 'Daddy'.

Alena looked even thinner than the last time I had seen her. She looks a bit anorexic. She is definitely the skinniest girl in Soho that I know of. So I went from the chubbiest to the skinniest. I like different types of women, fat or thin, young or older.

I enjoyed being with Alena and I think I will see her again. I can see why other men like her so much. She seems a bit mechanical to me, however. She seems to be following a routine. I wonder what is going on in her mind. She seems quite intelligent. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to say something to make her angry. I always like to be pleasant to them, though, and I like Alena too much.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

testimony of a former prostitute

I am always interested in the testimonies of prostitutes and former prostitutes. There should be more of them so that we can get at the truth of prostitution. A testimony might not be representative of the lives of the majority of prostitutes and no testimony can be representative of the lives of all prostitutes. The other thing that we need to get at the truth of prostitution is proper research. Not many people seem to be calling for this.

So I was interested to listen to the JoAnne Good show on BBC Radio London last night. She had a live interview with Clare Gee who was a prostitute and drug addict. Clare has a new book out called Hooked: Confessions of a London Call Girl.

There were no big surprises for me in her testimony. She came from a broken home but was loved. As an adult she started to take cocaine and became addicted to it. She started prostitution to pay for her addiction. She did not work on the streets, she worked for an agency where she would go to hotels to meet men.

Clare worked for a man but at another time worked for a woman. I took this to mean that she had the option of changing from one agency to another if she was not happy with them. Her cocaine addiction did not progress to crack cocaine or heroin.

One thing her testimony seemed to be saying was that even if an affluent man contacts an agency and a prostitute comes to his hotel room, he cannot assume that she does not take cocaine or that his money is not spent by her on cocaine. I have said elsewhere on my blog that I think many escorts do take cocaine. No more or not much more than people working in the financial sector or the media, but it happens.

Clare says that when she went to hotels to meet clients she always felt in danger. She says that prostitutes always feel in danger, whether they are escorts in hotels or street girls getting into men's cars. I'm not so sure that is true. If a prostitute works in a brothel or a shared flat or a Soho walk up then there is more security.

I would think that Clare had the option of working in a brothel. She would also have had the option of organizing herself with one or more other women in a flat or a house. This would technically be a brothel but to my mind preferable. The women themselves would keep all of the profits and not a man. They would organize themselves and not be organized. It would be more difficult to find customers, I would imagine, especially the more affluent ones.

Women want to work together for their own safety, but I suspect that the police target these arrangements more than they do brothels. In my local newspaper all the local brothels advertize themselves together with escort agencies. And yet we hear about women having enormous problems when they want to organize themselves, as apparently with Claire Finch in the news recently.

Another thing that Clare said that I do not agree with is that women have to be emotionally disturbed to work as a prostitute. I don't think there is evidence for this. Possibly high-class escorts and street girls have more in common than you would think. Both often want money to pay for a lifestyle instead of feeding their families.

Clare and JoAnne started saying that WAGs and girls who go to clubs to meet affluent men are like prostitutes. This kind of thinking was reinforced by a woman who emailed JoAnne after the interview with Clare. She said that she had emailed JoAnne a week or so ago when JoAnne had interviewed a man who ran a chain of table dancing clubs. This woman had criticized JoAnne for accepting what he was doing.

In the email she sent last night she referred to him again and called him a pimp. She said that women who become table or lap dancers must have a low opinion of themselves to allow themselves to be used as sex objects.

I think this is not correct. I would like to know if she thinks that a woman who has sex with a stranger is 'allowing herself to be used as a sex object'. Women have many attractions and one of them is sexual. Men have a sexual attraction towards some women, but it doesn't stop them from appreciating their other qualities, such as humour or intelligence.

It would be a very puritanical world if nobody had sex with people they had only just met. Holidays and nights out would be very boring. I know that some people feel that sex is either about love or it is about people being predatory. This dualistic view seems to derive more from 1,000 years of Christianity in these islands than any sensible thought process.

I was watching a documentary a while back about a homosexual man who liked to have sex with strangers in public toilets. Good luck to him, I thought. He seemed a nice man. But the presenter of the show, Tanya Byron, a psychologist, described him as a predator. As if he was in the same category as rapists and paedophiles! Where does this judgmentalism come from? She should know better.

I am going to get hold of a copy of Clare's book to read more detail. I have just finished reading Clayton Littlewood's book Dirty White Boy: Tales of Soho. I found it very enjoyable, especially the love story towards the end of the book.

Clayton's way of looking at Soho is a bit different from mine. His terminology is different. He uses the word 'brothel' when I would use the phrase 'walk up'. This is not surprising as this is the common usage of the word. I used to call them brothels until I saw Vice Squad which said that technically they're not brothels. You can't believe everything that Vice Squad say though.

He also thinks that the establishments in Soho where there is a woman in the doorway inviting men in are brothels too. I'm not sure what these places are. I avoid them because I suspect that at least some of them are clip joints. If you go in there they coerce you into paying lots of money (tens of pounds) for a beer while you wait for a strip show to start (I don't think there ever is a strip show).

I think there are genuine brothels in Soho, not just the walk ups. Soho Cottage is one. I have never been there, I think they charge more money and you have to book in advance.

He also uses the word 'madam' when I would use the word 'maid'. 'Madam' suggests a woman who is running an establishment instead of a woman who is a prostitute's helper. The maids don't tell the prostitutes what to do, as far as I can see.

He uses the word 'pimp' for men who I think are probably touts. Sometimes you see notices on the stairs of walk ups saying 'No touts'. I don't know much about them but they seem to be men who ask visitors to Soho if they are looking for a girl. They will take a man to one of the walk ups and hope to get a tip from the girl or her maid. It seems to be something that used to happen more than it does now.

I have been approached by women who ask the same thing. I never agree to go with them. I suspect that they try to get men to part with their money and tell them they have to go to a certain address. The man doesn't find what he wants. It is called 'clipping'. I have got to know their faces and I did flirt with one of them. I told her she looks like one of the Cheeky Girls (she did, but older).

Clayton also said he saw a young woman on the street with her pimp. I don't know as much as Clatyon about Soho at night, but this could be two people who are trying to steal money somehow.

I don't know if there are any pimps or madams in Soho. Apart from Soho Cottage and other places like that. The person who is making the most money out of the prostitutes is the person who owns their flats. They have to pay hundreds of pounds rent every day. I don't know who it is who owns the flats. I think it might have been Paul Raymond because I have read that he owned so much property in Soho before he died. If that is true then it might be his granddaughter because she inherited his fortune.

JoAnne Good's interview with Clare Gee can be heard on the BBC website here for a few days from now.

Clare has a blog