Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ross Kemp on trafficking

Last night on Sky 1 there was a documentary about human trafficking. I didn't see it but yesterday I read the article in the Mirror newspaper. Before I read it I thought it was going to be the usual sensationalist rubbish but in fact it was more reasoned than most.

He wrote that we don't know how many people have been trafficked into the UK illegally. He didn't use false statistics as have so many commentators on the issue. He didn't condemn men who pay for sex, as long as it is consensual. He wrote about other forms of trafficking apart from sex trafficking. There were a few paragraphs about Vietnamese teenagers locked into marijuana factories. There was a mention of domestic servitude.

Farmers come in for some criticism "There are a lot of farmers out there, as well as others in the agricultural sector, who need to take a good, hard look at themselves and the things that they do." A bit harsh on farmers, you might think, but if you have read about exploitation of workers in the agricultural sector he has a point.

Most people think that Eastern European farm workers in the UK have a 9 to 5 job. If your read what Felicity Lawrence has found out about it, you find that they might have to work 12 hours one day and then not get any work for the next 3 days. And they have to pay rent on substandard shared accommodation whether they are given work or not. That's not the worst of it - read Felicity Lawrence.

Ross mentions the Chinese cockle pickers who died in Morecambe Bay in 2004. At least 21 people died. They had all been trafficked. "Some bosses believe they can't afford to employ someone legitimately - so they employ them illegally."

I have written in previous posts that I suspect that in some communities in the UK such as the West African community prostitution can be underground. This is an important point because some radical feminists believe that prostitution cannot be driven underground, by banning it or banning advertisement of it.

It can never be truly underground they say because if punters can find prostitutes then so can the police and outreach workers. As I said this is not true of drug dealing so why would it be true of prostitution. Drug addicts can find drug dealers but the police find it more difficult.

Ross seems to understand this. "Language and cultural barriers make it very difficult to get inside many communities, particularly those from Nigeria, China and south east Asia." It suspect that in some communities prostitution is not advertised but spread by word of mouth.

The one thing I do think is incorrect about Ross's article is when he says "Some of the girls have sex with 40 men in a day, sometimes more". From what I know of prostitution, brothels just don't have that many customers, especially since the recession. The busiest prostitutes in the UK would be the ones in Soho. They might have 20 customers a day if they're busy, probably double the number of ones in suburban brothels.

Trafficking and coercion do happen, in the sex industry and in other industries. It happens with children, teenagers and adults, as Ross says. In the sex industry coercion is infrequent with adults, even less frequent with teenagers, and happens hardly at all with children. That doesn't mean we should be complacent. We should strive to eliminate coercion. However, trying to criminalize punters would be as stupid as trying to criminalize people who want to eat cockles.

You might not think that a soap opera actor would not make a good journalist. However, he seems to make a better journalist than some professional journalists like Kirsty Whalley. She has a hidden agenda; she wants to ban prostitution and is using false statistics and the issue of trafficking to try to attain that goal.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nellie and Elena

Tuesday last week I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to go and see Natalie in Lisle Street and pay her an extra £10 so that I could kiss her. I have never kissed a woman as beautiful as her, so it would be a new and memorable experience. I was hoping that I could get a good snog and get my tongue in her mouth.

It's rare for Soho prostitutes to offer kissing as an extra service. Some of them have a little sign up saying don't ask for kissing because they never do it. The last time I saw Natalie she told me that I could for and extra tenner.

I got to Lisle Street just after midday about the time when they open. I wanted to be the first customer of the day, so that some other bloke hadn't snogged her just before me. She wasn't there though. It would have been a good idea if I had checked the Soho Walk Ups page, which is not always accurate but gives a good indication of what days the women do. I could see that Nellie was on the top floor, and I wondered if this was the same Nellie that I had caught a glimpse of once in the doorway of a flat round the corner in Wardour/Whitcomb Street.

So I went and had a coffee and something to eat, and then I looked around to see who was available that I knew of. I didn't fancy seeing someone that I hadn't seen before, or someone who wasn't recommended. Last time I did that I saw Lisa and it was a waste of money.

I looked in Little Newport Street and saw that it was an oriental woman available that day. At this flat they don't usually put the name of the woman just a brief description. If it had said a blonde woman then I would have known it was Vicky, who I have not seen before but is well recommended. I knew it wasn't Lucy's day so I thought it would probably be Nina. Nina is OK but I didn't really want to see her again.

I looked in Greek Street and D'Arblay Street. If Amy, Ivy or Sabrina were available I would have seen one of them. None of these women are tall and slender or beautiful but I have enjoyed my time with them. I have seen Amy and Ivy many times, and I saw Sabrina recently too.

I remembered that on the Soho Walk Ups page it said that Polish Mimi is at Green's Court on Tuesdays. However, in this case it is inaccurate. Or maybe she just wasn't there that day. I haven't seen Mimi for ages so I suspect she is no longer there. I haven't seen Ritzy for a long time either, although according to the Soho Walk Ups page she is at Old Compton Street sometimes.

I have seen Ritzy at Green's Court before and Old Compton Street too. Often the same women turn up at both these places. The same with D'Arblay Street and Greek Street.

When I got to Old Compton Street I saw that Sandy was in one of the flats. In the other flat was someone whose name I didn't recognize. This other flat had been closed for a while, which is surprising when you consider how valuable a flat like that would be, on the corner of Old Compton Street and Charing Cross Road. Some say there is a ghost there.

I have seen Sandy many times, starting years ago when she was in Blore Court off Berwick Street. I went to her door, hoping that it would be answered by the young pretty maid that I had seen a couple of times. It would have been nice if I'd had to sit and wait with this maid until Sandy was ready. I would have liked to get a good look at her. However, it was an older woman who opened the door. The maids are nearly always middle aged or elderly.

Sandy wasn't her normal happy chatty self that day. On the Soho Walk-Up thread on the PunterNet forum somebody said she can be like this sometimes. At first I thought maybe she wasn't pleased to see me. She said she remembered me, even though I had not seen her for five months. Now I realize she must have just been having a bad day that day. I decided not to try and put my finger in her pussy, although on previous occasions she hasn't minded me doing that.

After my less than satisfying experience with Sandy I wanted to see someone else, but who to see? I went up the spiral staircase at the flats in Wardour/Whitcomb Street. I saw there was a woman called Mary at one of them. I wondered if this was the Italian woman Mary who I had seen before at Green's Court. She had been really nice, and when I parted from her I said "Ciao Bella!". This means 'Good-bye (or hello), Beautiful!'. She had replied to me "Ciao Bellissimo!", which means 'Good-bye, most Beautiful!'.

The woman who answered the door didn't look like the Mary I had seen, not unless she had become a lot more glamorous. This woman was very attractive, standing there in her underwear, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with her. She showed me her price list and asked me what I wanted. I said I wasn't sure. I said I would think about it and come back later.

I went round the corner to 2 Lisle Street and Nellie. She is a very pretty young woman with a lovely smile. I'm not sure if she is the same woman I caught a glimpse of when she opened the door to several young men at the top of the spiral staircase. Next time I see Nellie I shall ask her if she has worked round the corner in Wardour/Whitcomb Street.

When I had taken my clothes off she came into the room, smiling, and stood up close to me. She is of medium height and has black slightly curly hair. We got on the bed and she played with my willy while I put my hands between her legs. I was wondering how far I could go, but she didn't seem to mind me putting my finger inside her pussy. Towards the end of my ten minutes I asked if I could see her pussy. She went onto her hands and knees on the bed, with her bottom sticking up in the air. I pushed my index finger into her pussy and moved it around and she acted as if she was enjoying it.

While I was putting my clothes back on I asked Nellie if she liked London. I asked her where she has gone in London and she said "Arsenal" and smiled. I said "You like football?". Her English wasn't that good. She told me she is Hungarian.

This was a very pleasant experience for me. She had given me an erection, but the ten minutes had not been long enough for me to come. I decided I wanted to see another woman. There are 3 places in Greek Street and I have been to 2 of them. I decided to try the third of these. What has put me off in the past is that it is quite a grotty looking place, but then again so are all of the places in Lisle Street. Also I read in a newspaper report that there is somewhere in Greek Street that they call 'the slaughter house' because it has a succession of abused Eastern European women working there. I knew it couldn't be the 2 places that I had been to so I thought it might be here. Now I realize that newspapers just make up a lot of stuff.

A lot of people will say that of course the women in these places will be smiling and willing to oblige, because if they don't they will get beaten up by their pimp. This is another fabrication. There aren't any men around. The only people who are exploiting them are the property owners who take hundreds of pounds a day from each flat. The owners of these flats are not foreign criminals but respectable business people.

The door was opened by a smiling young woman who invited me in. I glimpsed a black and white cat and I asked her what his name is. She said "Jasper". I have seen this cat a few times before because sometimes he comes down the stairs and sits in the doorway. I have taken photographs of him.

She showed me into the bedroom which seemed quite pleasant. There was a big TV close to the bed and a porn DVD was showing. As she was asking me what I would like from her I was glancing at what was happening on the DVD. I opted for a hand job. Elena is short and has black hair, and she has a lovely smile like Nellie. When she was wanking me I asked her if I could see her pussy and she stood above me while I held her pussy open. I was a lot of fun.

When I was putting my clothes back on I told her that lots of people have taken photographs of Jasper because he comes and sits in the doorway sometimes. People from around the world have seen his photograph, but they think his name is Coco.

Some people look for him when they walk along Greek Street, hoping to see him. They are likely to be disappointed, though, because he doesn't often come down. However, if you go up the stairs and ask the woman there if you can see her pussy, she will be happy to let you take a look.