Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my recent visits to sex workers in Croydon

Yesterday I decided to make a second visit to the brothel in Southbridge Road in Croydon. It is called New Exotic Oriental and has Thai women there. When I phoned 07833624409 I was told that Stephanie was there that day. I had looked at reports for this place and Stephanie had some good reports. I said I would come that afternoon. I decided I would pay £60 for half an hour.

Stephanie has a very pretty face and a nice figure. She is in her 20s and has long black hair. Stephanie gave me some oral sex, without a condom, to get me erect. I asked her if she knew what the 69 position is. We moved into this position and I looked and her lovely bum and pussy while she sucked me. I noticed that there was a big mirror so I suggested we move so that I could watch us in this position.

Later I asked her to sit between my legs so that she could wank me while she talked dirty. On my previous visit to this place I had been with Dee Dee, but Dee Dee doesn't have good enough English to talk dirty convincingly. Stephanie has much better English.

Last week I visited another brothel in Croydon called Estrellas. It was my first time there. They have 2 phone numbers 07506134585 and 07944673870 and they also have a web site http://www.estrellasmassage.com/. The entrance is in a little alleyway behind the main road.

Estrellas is not quite as nice a place as New Exotic Oriental, but it's OK. When I went in I was asked to sit and wait, and then two women walked into the room. I hadn't expected to be able to choose between two women. This is not usual for the sort of places I go to.

One of the women was blonde, and looked like an Eastern European. She wasn't especially attractive. The other woman had a beautiful face and looked as if she might come from South America. Both women were short and slightly plump. Neither were particularly young. That was fine with me though. I selected the Latin woman. I paid my £60 for the half hour.

I thought her name was Columbia to begin with. She pointed at herself and said 'Columbia'. It was only later that I realised she comes from Columbia (from Medellin) and I think she said her name is Sandra. She had very little English. Sandra was very friendly and fun loving.

While I was undressing Sandra slipped off her dress and lay on the bed on her front. I got onto the bed, kissed her on her shoulders and touched her bum. My hands were very cold, and she took my hands into hers and warmed them. She pressed my hands to her face and neck, and then they were warm enough for me to touch her without discomfort to her. She made sure I was comfortable by putting a pillow behind my head, talking to me in Spanish all the time.

Sandra put a condom on my willy and started sucking. Soon I was erect and she lay on her back with her legs apart. I got on top of her and she guided me in. I knew that I wouldn't be able to come that way, so I knelt between her legs and played with myself. She started playing with her herself too. I stared at her pussy and wanked myself, and soon I felt that I was about to come. I wondered if it would be a good idea for me to pull the condom off and then come over her. I thought she might not like that so I didn't.

I had managed to have an orgasm with Sandra. I had not managed to have an orgasm with Stephanie or with Dee Dee. I think this was because Sandra put me at my ease and I was able to relax with her. That's not a criticism of Stephanie or Dee Dee, they are both very nice. One of the reasons why I am wary of spending £60 is because it seems a waste of money if I don't manage to come, whereas £20 in Soho doesn't seem a waste of money.

Last year the Croydon Advertiser carried advertisements for Estrellas, and perhaps for New Exotic Oriental too. This year there seem to be no adverts for brothels. There was pressure on the paper to stop these adverts, but there are still a couple of adverts for escort agencies. My guess is that Croydon Advertiser has increased its price for ads for the sex industry. Brothels like Estrellas can't afford to pay, but escort agencies can. If this is true then people like Sandra, Stephanie and Dee Dee might be having a much tougher time in the future, with fewer customers and less income. I hope not.

Earlier in January I made a trip into Soho. I wasn't sure if I wanted to visit a woman. I saw that Kim was at 8 Greek Street so I decided to see her. We lay on the bed and I touched her and talked to her. She really has a pretty face, although I wasn't sure about the mauve eyeshadow. I asked her what country she comes from and she said Italy. I said that is interesting because last time I had seen her she said she was from Spain.

I would have been happy just looking at her lovely face but she kept tugging at my willy and I got an erection. So I told her I wanted to fuck her. She is tall, and it's always nicer to fuck tall girls. Kim is unusual because she doesn't seem eager to please her clients and is not very professional, yet she is willing to do things that most sex workers won't do. Like snogging, oral sex without a condom, and letting a man come in her mouth. She seems quite immature. Someone said they saw her leaning out the window talking to people in the street.

When I had seen Kim I decided I wanted to see Monica too. Kim and Monica are similar in some ways. They are both tall and have a Mediterranean beauty. I tried to see Monica three times that day, at 70A Berwick Street, but the maid kept telling me that Monica was busy and I should come back later.

So I went to see Amanda instead. Amanda looked very unhappy. At first I thought she might have been working too many hours and seeing too many customers each day. She seems to be there every weekday and works 12 hour shifts. However, when I asked her if she had had many customers that day she told me that I was only the second that day. I found this hard to believe. I saw her mid afternoon and she starts at 10 am. I told her I would have thought they would be queuing up the stairs. So I don't know what is happening there. I thought that men might think she is too nice and not raunchy enough.

I thought it would be nice to see an oriental girl so I went to 26 Romilly Street. The sign said there was one called Sandra. I had not heard of her but I decided to take a chance. Sandra was a lovely friendly girl. She has a pretty face and a slender waist, although she's not skinny.

Late last year I decided to see Dee Dee at 26 Romilly Street. The more I see of her the more I like her. When I first saw her I wasn't attracted to her, but now I think she's lovely.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

situation of sex workers in Olympic boroughs

This morning I listened to Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4. Jenni Murray was talking to Georgina Perry and Julie Bindel about the possibility of increased numbers of foreign women coming to London to work in the sex industry during the Olympics. Georgina Perry is manager of health services for sex workers across three London boroughs .

Georgina said that sex workers in east London are suffering because of a police crackdown in the run up to the Olympics.

"The problems that we are seeing at the moment in relation to the Olympics are already happening in terms of safety for sex workers. Because of the juggernaut of publicity around sex trafficking, around increases in sex workers, we are already seeing an increased number of brothel raids. This is actually happening now. And as a result of this, what we are seeing is women who have been working off-street, safely, now on the street selling sex in a much less safe environment. We are also seeing women who are unable to report rape and sexual assault. This is absolutely untenable. It is about women getting access to public health services and also access to the police (I couldn't quite hear the end of this sentence because Julie Bindel started talking over her)."

There have been a number of gang attacks against sex workers in east London. This recent article states that victims who reported knifepoint robberies said they ended up being threatened with prosecution.

Sex workers are facing violence every day, but also the conditions are there for a serial murderer to be able to kill women. When are we going to learn the lessons of Ipswich? We need not only to enable women to work from flats but work together from flats. Sex workers should have the same protection from the police as anyone else. They should have good access to health services. Nobody has the right to stand in the way of that.