Tuesday, January 21, 2014

sex workers speak out against raids

If you want to know more about what happened during the raids last month sex workers have spoken about their experiences. Sex workers were dragged out onto the streets in their underwear in the full glare of a hostile media. Despite their protestations of not being trafficked some of them were shipped off to 'rescue centres'. Some of them had their earnings taken away from them, their homes were searched even if their children were there, and they were persuaded to accept cautions which are an admission of guilt.

The West End Extra newspaper has had a number of articles about the raids. There was a debate in St Anne's Church recently where sex workers, residents and business owners could speak their minds. The raids were initially said to be to do with stolen goods but little evidence was found of that. Instead police were trying to find evidence of sex workers being controlled by a third party.
"Following the raids, police sought to close down 20 brothels, but they have been criticised for failing to provide evidence that the premises were linked to the handling of stolen goods. 
Instead a district judge issued “brothel closure orders” after police claimed to have found evidence that women in the flats were controlled by an unknown third party, which contravenes prostitution laws."
The issues that the police have used to try to justify these raids are property stolen from tourists, shoplifted items and drugs. They found little evidence of any of these problems during the raids. There also seems to be an issue with the people who the sex workers pay their rent to. Although Soho Estates own the freehold of many of the flats there is a 'black economy of anonymous landlords'.

Rupert Everett has written an article for the Guardian newspaper where he reports what sex workers have said in court and he confirms that police were trying to find evidence of the mysterious 'third party'.

Friday, January 3, 2014

my best ever stunning spa girl

Yesterday I had a walk around Chinatown and Soho. I didn't intend to spend any money but I ended up spending £50. It might have been the best £50 I've ever spent. In Chinatown there's a doorway where you can often see a woman standing there asking men if they would like a massage. I once saw a very pretty, very young-looking, very smiley girl standing there. Every time I passed the doorway I looked to see if she was there. For many months I didn't see her again.

Yesterday she was there. I made a beeline for her and asked her how much it costs for a massage. She told me £30 for a half-hour and when I looked uncertain she said £25. I paid the money at reception up the stairs and she led me into a small room. When I was naked face down on the massage table she asked me if I wanted a medium or hard massage and if I wanted her to use oil. The room was nice and warm.

prettier than this
Then it was time for me to turn over. Now I could get a good look at her. I think she really is the prettiest girl anywhere I've been to. Prettier than the Thai woman at Asian Touch in Shaftesbury Avenue who someone described as an 'absolutely stunning girl' (although I didn't get a good look at her because the room was so dark). Prettier than Claire who worked at Everwell in Charing Cross Road. Prettier than Lisa who works from a flat near St James's Park.

I asked her how old she is and like a lot of these girls she asked me how old I think she is. I told her 18 and she said she is 25 years old. She asked me if I wanted her to masturbate me but I wasn't in the mood for that. I knew what I wanted. I told her I wanted to see her naked. I said I would give her £20 if she took her clothes off. She wanted more money to begin with but then agreed to do it. She turned the lights lower but I said I wanted the lights brighter. They like to keep the lights low because they look more attractive that way but I wanted to see everything.

She took her top off and her bra and pulled her pants down. She had a nice body with bigger breasts and less skinny than Lisa who I saw not long ago. She let me touch her breasts and her bottom and she was quite smiley and affectionate. I asked her if she did oral sex and she said she doesn't do that, just hand relief. Maybe if I become a regular client of hers I might be able to persuade her to have a go.

I can't tell you her name or where she works because I'm not sure if she would like that. Unlike the sex workers in the nearby walk ups they don't usually want the publicity. I will say that the name of the establishment has the word 'spa' in it. I'm not sure if it is a spa, on their website it says they do beauty treatments but that might be their other branch in the East End.

Last month I went to a spa for the first time. Someone contacted me by email and asked if I had ever been to this place in Balham. I had walked past it a few times and often wondered if anything sexual went on. When he said they do hand relief there I wanted to go. It turned out to be cheaper than I expected and the most luxurious place I have ever been to. More luxurious than Gin Sen near Russell Square where I went a few times and managed to get hand relief just once. More luxurious than Zen in Notting Hill Gate where I went once and wasn't offered anything sexual.

I paid £25 for a half-hour massage and also got to use their sauna, steam room and shower. The masseur was a young woman from Slovakia who didn't offer me anything sexual. I wasn't really looking for that anyway. I have the name of a woman who works there who does offer hand relief and what days she works so next time I go there I'll know who to ask for.

When I was in the steam room I thought that steam rooms could be very sexy places. I imagined two naked Chinese girls coming towards me through the steam smiling and giggling.

Soon after the police raids last month in Soho I went to have a look around. About half of the walk ups were closed. I decided I wanted to see one of the sex workers because I didn't know how long they would be there. I ended up in Little Newport Street with a lovely Thai lady called Holly. I told her I wanted to look and her pussy and wank myself. She suggested that instead of me taking my clothes off and getting onto the bed with her, which is what I have done in the past, I just unzip myself and sit on a chair next to the bed while she shows me her pussy. It was very pleasant doing it that way. I got a good view. When my 10 minutes were up she stood up in front of me just a few inches away so I got to appreciate her lovely figure.

In the last few days two of the walk ups that had been closed are now open again. The one in Dean Street and the one in Tisbury Court. I noticed that in both of them are signs saying No Touts No Sellers. They don't want the drug addicts from the street trying to sell them shoplifted goods. That's what got them into trouble with the police and brought about the raids. Nothing to do with rescuing trafficked women and nothing to do with goods stolen from tourists. I have been going to Soho for years and I have never had anything stolen from me.