Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 Thai massages-pleasure and pain

In the past couple of months I have had three Thai massages in different towns, Liverpool, Penzance and today Chester. I was offered hand relief in the first two, I didn't have to ask. The massage itself is surprisingly cheap, £35 for an hour. The hand relief however cost £40, which is more than I'm used to paying. In Liverpool it was Mayuree Thai Massage in Berry Street. In Penzance it was Oriental Thai Massage in Albert Street.

Today I was in Chester and I went to ThaiNamoon in Brook Street. I wasn't offered hand relief or any other sexual service. What I got was a quite painful massage, different from any massage I have had before. She located knots of muscle in my back and tried to get rid of them by putting her body weight onto them through her elbow (at least I think that's what she was doing, I couldn't actually see lying on my tummy). I knew that it was doing me good though and I'm pleased I had it. Going for a Thai massage is a bit like Russian Roulette, you can't predict if it will be pleasure or pain. Thai Roulette, perhaps.

A couple of months ago I was wandering around Chinatown in London and I let a young woman persuade me to part with £50 for a 4-hands massage. She said it was cheaper because I hadn't been there before and tried it. This was at Natural Wellness/Heavenly Touch 15 Brewer Street. I have had a 4-hands massage a long time ago in Penge but I wasn't offered anything sexual and I didn't like to ask. It was a nice massage in Penge though especially when they started giggling as they were massaging my thighs.

Hand relief was on offer at Natural Wellness but the surroundings weren't conducive to erotic pleasure. Here it felt like I was naked on an operating table with people standing over me prodding me.

Sometimes a reader of my blog sends me an email and tells me about his experiences. I can get quite envious when I read what they have been up to. The guy who went to see Candy at the Red Lotus Spa and she let him put his finger in her bum hole. I wish I'd thought of that when I was with her. When I tried to see her again they told me she'd gone back to China. Another man told me he pays for 90 minute sessions and offers to massage the girl. He told me he licked Claire's pussy at Everwell in Charing Cross Road and I believe him. Yet another of my readers told me about a place in Twickenham where he goes. The girls are young and inexperienced there but are open to persuasion and he is happy to teach them what to do.

Then there's the guy who told me about his body-to-body massage with a pretty girl in Covent Garden. I've seen her, and she is pretty. I can imagine her slippery wet body moving over him and her little titties with hard nipples rubbed up against him. She put her tongue in his mouth.


Anonymous said...

which girl in covent garden? ,)

Anonymous said...

Popped in to Mayuree Thai based on your mention. Had to walk round the block for 30mins as they must've all been busy since no one was answering the door. It was early evening. Eventually was let in around 8pm - advice booking in future. Paid the £35 for an hour.

It wasn't long in to the massage that I could feel gentle passes around my inner thigh and up towards my balls. I let her carry on and made some sounds of appreciation. After she had worked both legs and whilst I was still lying on my front, the C&B play got more obvious. I positively encouraged this my lifting my arse up so she could reach under easier. A few words in exchange later she was giving a well oiled hand relief from behind, tugging and massage and cock and balls. A quick confirmation of price for a happy ending and I flipped over for her to finish me off. Marvellous for £30.

Still had 20mins of the hour left so continued massaging my back.

In fact tens mins in and she was moving towards my rear again and I definitely could've have gone for round 2. Alas I didn't have the funds as she asked for another £30!

Bête de Nuit said...

I can't say which girl in Covent Garden because I know for a fact that she wouldn't want her name mentioned on the internet. She even told me that her boss had said to her that she would have to leave if what she did was made public.

Bête de Nuit said...

At Mayuree in Liverpool the girl encouraged me to shower before and after the massage. At ThaiNamoon in Chester however there was no mention of a shower. And yet ThaiNamoon is more upmarket than Mayuree and the more authentic Thai massage. Although when I think about it the girl didn't look very Thai and the massage seemed more deep tissue massage than other Thai massages I've had. The decor at ThaiNamoon was very Thai, a nice touch.

HonestGentleman said...

Hi Mate,

I'm a regular follower of your blog and I find it kind of useful. Thanks for the goodwork. Deep down in my heart, I actually don't like punting. However, I do it because I have not been in a relationship & I'm single for a very long time. I started visiting walkups since 2011 and during most of my visits, I usually ask for BJ or HJ service. I have shagged there only couple of times (I'm too scared of infections). I have visited 'massage parlours' in Bristol and Chinese Massage parlours in Soho. and I enjoy going there as well. But I feel chinese massage parlours are bit of a ripoff..

I'm not sure who is maintaining sohowalkup wiki or other sites showing rotas. But in my openion most of the rota information is either stale or fake. I have visited numerous walkups and each time I go there I ask lady's name. But many a times I find that same name is circulated everywhere. I mean they lie about their name & nationality. Sometimes I tried to speak to few girls (who claimed they are from latin america or spain ) in Spanish and realised that they didn't know a single word of spanish. Only one girl on Greek Street (downstairs) could speak in Spanish (was from Valencia). She seemed quite honest but I never saw her again.

Otherday I fancied seeing walkup girls in their normal dress, so went there early morning (just before 11am) and waited in a coffeeshop opp 70a Berwick street. I saw this one chick walking on the road with a dog in her hand. Aparantly she was waiting for the door to open. Later I saw her entering the bulding. Though I have never visited Berwick St walkup, it looks very tidy from outside. Also I think one on 61 Dean Street is of same standard. I'm not sure why 3 (or2) Lisle Street walkup charge £30? That particular walkup has beautiful girls compared to other walkups on that street. Even the main is quite beautiful (bit chubby though).
Any idea why the scamsters, pimps and clipjoints are still there on Tisbury Court? Police not doing anything to stop that mess ?


HonestGentleman said...

Any idea whether these walkups along with a 'maid' they also have a male 'security / 'bellboy'? I always thought there are only 2 women in each flat untill recently I was walking up 61 Dean St and a guy on the door didn't let me in, He said to me in Italianish accent that the girl is busy. I have also seen that guy bringing food for the girl working there.

Bête de Nuit said...

There is a problem with the information on the Soho walk ups wikipage going out of date. So it should be used only as a general guide. The sex workers don't use their real names. Ones from Romania often pretend to be Italian or Spanish. When you ask them they usually tell you where they're really from.

I don't know what it is about 61 Dean St. I've only been there once and I didn't stay. The door was opened by a sex worker, which is unusual, and when I declined her invitation she swore at me and slammed the door. So I don't know what's going on there.

Tisbury Court is a difficult place to understand. I think there are drug dealers there and there are definitely touts. I'm not sure if the clip joint has closed or what that place is where a woman invites you in. I used to go to the £2 strip place before I got bored with it, it seemed good value for money.

Anonymous said...

Covent garden girl wouldn.t begin with E would it? Please let us know

Bête de Nuit said...

Yes. Not many letters.

Alice said...

I didn't see the face of girl.