Friday, May 15, 2015


I'm in London on a short trip. I came here on Wednesday and I go back this evening. There was only one girl on my 'wish list'. Two of my readers independently told me about a lovely Chinese girl in Wardour Street. One of them said she's the sweetest cutest girl he's seen. The other said she's 'The most beautiful girl I've ever seen in Chinese massage shop'. So, of course, I had to see her.

This is my third trip to London this year and each time I have tried to see her. She doesn't work Mondays or Tuesdays though. On my way to Wardour Street I decided to go through Little Newport Street in Chinatown. In one of the doorways was an older woman and a girl, both Chinese. The girl had big glasses on and looked like a student. The woman was trying to drag the girl to the doorway and she was pulling back and giggling. It looked as if the girl was new to the massage business and a bit shy.

In Wardour Street the girl took me downstairs to a small room. It was a strange room: half of the ceiling was only about 5 foot high. This was where the massage table was so it wasn't a problem except when I got up. After some massage she asked if I wanted hand relief. I asked her how much that cost. She said £40. I asked her if that would include her taking off her clothes and she said no. She said all she does is hand relief, nothing else, with her clothes on.

I said that usually I need to see the girl naked to become aroused. I suggested that if I gave her £20 she could try to give me an erection. If she succeeded then I would give her another £10, and if she made me come I would give her another £10. £40 in all. I didn't really want to spend £40 if I wasn't going to come.

She replied that she would have to put in the same amount of work whatever the outcome so she should get the £40. However, we ended up doing what I had suggested and at the end I gave her £30. She told me that she has a lot of female customers. She gives them hand relief too. I asked her all about it. One of the questions I asked is what nationality are most of them. Australians perhaps? For some reason I thought it might be Australian women. She said mostly British but quite a few Norwegians.

I think she quite likes her job. She only does hand relief, for £40, and doesn't take her clothes off. It's nice to know that these women don't have to do anything they don't want to do, and can make good money offering a minimal sexual service. Just a few days a week. She is quite pretty. I didn't manage to come though.

I went back to Little Newport Street, to the doorway. The older woman was there. I asked her where the young girl is. She said they've all gone home. She said she would give me a blowjob for £20, something that the young girls wouldn't do. I asked if that would be with or without a condom. She said without.

I went down the stairs with her. Behind a counter was an attractive younger woman. She asked me if I wanted an hour or half an hour. I paid her £30 for half an hour. The older woman led me into a tiny room. She said for another £20 she would strip off. So I gave her £40 and she took her clothes off. No massage, although there was a massage table. She started sucking my cock. I put my hand between her legs. She alternated between sucking me and wanking me quite vigorously.

At one point she lay on her back on the massage table. I sat on her chest. I wanted to wank on her face. I could tell at one time she had been quite an attractive woman. I guessed she was about 50. She was smiling at me and encouraging me. She lifted her her head up and put the end of my cock in her mouth. Eventually I came, kneeling between her legs with one finger of my left hand in her pussy and wanking myself with my other hand.

It was quite a wild experience, the opposite of what I'd experienced earlier in Wardour Street. There is a place in Charing Cross Road where I'd had two similar experiences with Chinese women. But usually not that much is on offer apart from hand relief.

On my way out, the girl with the big glasses was in the corridor. She was leading a young black man towards the stairway, looking quite pleased with herself. So I guess she's not as shy as my first impression of her. The older woman hadn't been telling me the truth when she said that she had gone home. I wondered if she would be sucking his cock, and if she would be enjoying it, giggling perhaps.

Today I have been to Soho. I have had a look around. The girl with the big glasses wasn't in the doorway but the older woman was. If Sasha had been in Romilly Street I might have seen her. If Roxy had been in Greek Street I might have seen her. Or Amy. I sat in the park in Soho Square. There was a girl there who was meeting her boyfriend. I observed her for a while. I wanted to see a girl naked. I wondered who would be at 52 Greek Street.

Ten minutes later I was there. It was a tall pretty girl called Mary. I said to her that I'm not in the mood for sex. Could I just look at her naked for 10 minutes for £20? She looked a bit perplexed but agreed. I asked her to lie on the bed. Then I asked her to open her legs. She kept her high heels on which was good. The girl in the park had high heels on. She has nice legs and a lovely pussy. I sat on the edge of the sofa, then sat on the bed next to her. She was quite chatty. At the end I told her I would be happy all day because of what she had done for me.
52 Greek Street


Anonymous said...

Was the fisrt girl really the most beautiful girl in china town?

Bête de Nuit said...

She was quite pretty, especially in the semi-darkness of the room. Also, she seemed a bit withdrawn to start off with but when she started to relax and smile she looked a lot nicer. I don't think she was as pretty as Candy from Red Lotus Spa or Lily who used to work in Goodge St but I have been told works somewhere in Swiss Cottage. The one in Shorts Gardens was pretty too.

Anonymous said...

I know the one in SG, she likes to get licked a lot :) Dont know the others

TheSedger said...

I know you don't like to post names / shop names in the open forum for the valid reason they might not like it but could you email me / message me the name of the place where the older woman gave you a blow-job please?

You also mentioned in an earlier blog a place in chinatown where all the girls do much more than usual (blow-jobs, prostate etc) - again I'd really appreciate it if you could email me the place as it sounds very interesting to me.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Anonymous said...

y are u going for massage only instead of full service with an escort

Bête de Nuit said...

If you want to contact me you can email me at or I can give details of places I've been and girls I've seen.

Bête de Nuit said...

Full service with an escort would be good but the best value for money would be for me to go back to Manchester. £35 for a half hour is wonderful value and it's full service.

Grey said...

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Anonymous said...

What is your opinion about Arabic massager or escort

Bête de Nuit said...

I saw an Arabic woman in Manchester called Dana. She was very beautiful with black hair and big dark eyes. My guess is that she was educated in Britain because she seemed very Western in the way she talked. So apart from her dark good looks she seemed just the same as an educated English woman.

Anonymous said...

how you find different the performance of arabic girl in bed ?

Anonymous said...

How is the performance of Arabic Escort in Bed ?

Bête de Nuit said...

Dana was eager to please but not raunchy. She seemed in a really good mood the second time I saw her, like she was ready to party.