Monday, January 4, 2016

my review of the year 2015

I made several trips to Manchester where there seems to be more choice than anywhere else and it's cheaper. There are so many brothels and the going rate seems to be £40 per half hour, whereas in London and Liverpool it's £60 and in Glasgow (another place I punted in for the first time) it's £80.

I liked Cosmopolitan in Portland Street where I met the extremely attractive Dana and Piccadilly Club in Great Ancoats Street where I met a number of lovely women such as Katie, Sonya, Priscilla and Camille. It's even cheaper at Piccadilly, it's only £35 per half hour. The other place I liked was Salon 24 especially Cat.
I also made several trips to Soho. I mostly visited the walk ups but also a few Chinese massage places. My best day in Soho was in April when I saw pretty Thai girl Poppy, Scandinavian blonde nympho Eva and voluptuous Romanian Amy. I had seen all of them before and they are some of the best.

When I go to Chinese massage places it's not usually as sordid as the walk ups. Usually it is a nice massage and then the girl uses her hands to bring me to orgasm. That was how it was in May when I went to see a girl in London Chinatown that I had been told about. Two people emailed me to ask if I'd seen this girl who they both said was very pretty. I also saw a Thai woman in Manchester Chinatown who was very skilled at what she did.
However, it can be more sordid in Chinese massage places than the walk ups. I saw again a woman in Charing Cross Road who I had seen last year. She gave me oral sex without a condom and she lets men put their fingers in her pussy and bum hole. I found another one like her in Little Newport Street who was equally as wild.

I tried all of the brothels on the eastern side of the Wirral. I met Chrissie and Jordan at Jays Wallasey, Lauren at Overpool Angels, and Taylor at The Penthouse. All of these women are older local women who seem to be nymphomaniacs. Completely different from the younger ones in Soho who are mostly Eastern European. I went to the Thai brothel in Rock Ferry too where I met Jenny.

In Liverpool I met the independent black escort Maya and a Thai woman called Lily, both of them working from flats in the central Ropewalks area.

I have enjoyed my time with all of these women, but who was the best? That's difficult to say. Dana in Manchester was the most attractive. Katie in Manchester combined good looks and youth with sexiness and fun attitude. I liked Lauren because she's the one I would most like to have an affair with. The best one was the most recent: Cat in Manchester is young (24) and attractive (if you like her type) and seems a complete nymphomaniac. I used to think it was a myth that you can find local nymphomaniacs in brothels but since I moved to the North West I believe it. People will say that they are good at pretending but I think you can tell. When they wank themselves to orgasm, that's a good sign, especially if they screw their faces up as if they're in pain; they wouldn't do that if they were trying to look sexy.

I talked to three street girls this year. I found the Red Light Districts in Liverpool and Manchester. I only saw one street girl in Liverpool and I talked to her. I saw several in Manchester but I only spoke to one of them, a glamorous Asian looking woman sitting at the northern corner of St Andrew's Square. I also talked to Shanie in Croydon. I keep away from street girls now.
The number of 'Pageviews all time history' for this blog is very nearly one million. It's always amazed me that I can type in something and thousands of people will read it.


Anonymous said...

almost one million views - seems like you've tapped into a need. Why do I read your blog? - maybe the realism, the no frills approach you have in reporting your activities. We both lived in the same part of London, but we have now both moved away. I originally started reading your blog because it was about Tooting Common, a place I knew well, but I am still reading years later and I know nothing about the north-east.
I enjoy reading about and sharing in your fun. Keep on!

Bête de Nuit said...

Just gone over 1 million. I've no idea how this compares to other people's blogs, or even what the figure 1 million means, but it sounds a lot.

Julia Kirkbride said...

Hopefully you enjoyed your stay here in rainy old Manchester! There's a certain charm here with the mixing up of old and new in regards to the buildings and atmosphere of the place, and the people are truly a delight! I'll have to come check out Soho someday too.

Julia - Manchester Escorts

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised in the least that your blog is so popular. I have googled a lot, and so have a fair idea of the sort of content out there. So much stuff lacks an authentic feel. For example, there could be a perfectly good parlour, but their website will invariably be formulaic. The same goes for a lot of porn videos or erotic writing. Punternet reviews tend to feature a lot stuff like sexual positions. And so on.

Whereas there is a thread of first person narrative running through your blog. And you have experienced a wide variety of sex work situations, and point to other experiences that you find intriguing. You write honestly about your feelings, the girls, the street scene, the issues. So - well done, the whole thing is to your immense credit!

Anonymous said...

Has it dropped off or have you made a vow of celibacy?

Bête de Nuit said...

I spent far more money than I had intended in 2014. I tried to cut back in 2015 but then I found out about Manchester. This year I have been keeping my spending more under control, but if I find out about something new I might go and investigate. Curiosity has always been a big motivating factor for me. I don't feel the need to keep doing the same things over and over again, and it would make boring reading anyway.

I went to the new massage place that Sakura have in Liverpool. That was nice. Last year Overpool Angels had a happy hour. If they do this summer I might go there. It's even cheaper than Manchester. They have sex parties at Overpool Angels once a month. I have thought about going there but I don't know. I told Liverpool sex worker Maya about it and I she was definitely interested in going. I'd like to see her in action. Curiously, she works in the same block of flats as the new Sakura place.

chinzano said...

Hi do you have a contact number for jays or penthouse? the numbers I've found for both of them are going to busy every time I ring and I've tried lots. I'm not a punter I'm an independent looking for somewhere to do incalls. Do you know if spa 21 in town still has escorts or not? I know it's still running but not sure if they just stick to actual massages now.
Sorry for all the questions and your writing is really interesting especially about the punting in Manchester.

Bête de Nuit said...

The numbers are in the Liverpool Echo and the local Metro. I have had the problem with Jays that no one answers the phone. That's because there is only one woman there, when she's with a customer she can't answer the phone. Also I think sometimes no one's there, it seems disorganized. Jays is a bit of a dump anyway.

I might have only phoned Penthouse once, I've only been there once. They do seem to have 2 women working and a maid/receptionist too, so I don't know why they wouldn't answer. I think the going rate for Wirral is £40 or £45 unlike Liverpool which seems to be £60 per half hour.

I've been to Spa 21 once and there was a nice girl called Sky who gave me a massage and told me she's an escort too. So I'm guessing that I could have had full sex with her if I wanted that and had the money. It was a while ago and I think she stripped off and gave me a handjob. Hope this helps.