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Monday, September 14, 2015

my trip to London

I made a trip to London at the end of last month. I went on a Thursday and looked around Soho and Chinatown. First I went to 70A Berwick Street to see who was there. I was hoping it was Eva but when I saw Selena I decided to go with her. Selena is tall and slender. She is young and pretty with big eyes. She's keen to please and I remember I lay on the bed on my back and she got on to the bed and waggled her bum in my face.

The last one I saw that day I was Sabrina of 8 Greek Street. If Selina could be the prettiest woman in Soho at the moment, Sabrina could be the opposite. Sabrina is older, fatter and less attractive. I wanted to see her though because there's something about her that makes me just want to get on top of her and shag away. I can't be the only one who thinks like that because I've been in Lily's flat below and heard Sabrina's bed springs squeaking away.

I was waiting in the kitchen area for Sabrina and her maid started talking to me. She is younger and more attractive than Sabrina. She was really chatty, and seemed quite pleased when I said I recognized her and remembered her name. I had sex with Sara (or Sarah) last year. It's quite rare for the maid to be more attractive than the sex worker. Sara told me he helps out when they're busy, which sounded funny to me.

I also saw Candice at 34 Romilly Street. I had not seen her before. There's nothing sexy about Candice. She's very ordinary looking but that can be quite attractive in a way. I was kneeling between her legs and I could see in the mirror the porn movie playing behind me. I recognized the woman in the porn movie. It was Kelly Stafford who I remember because of one session she did on a beach in Italy that was very wild.

I lay on the bed next to Candice and watched the movie. Candice was naked from the waist down and her legs were still wide apart. I wanked myself to orgasm. My other memory of that day is Zara of 52 Greek Street looking up at the ceiling and absentmindedly playing with herself with her legs wide apart. Her fingers slowly moving down between her pussy lips and opening them.

The next day, Friday, I didn't do any punting because I wanted to go to Whitstable on a day trip. Although I did text a woman who does massages. I had tried to see her last year when I was in the area but she texted me back to say she was fully booked up. This time there was no reply. I'm not sure if I would have got anything sexual from her. Sometimes that's half the fun.

On the Saturday I went to a Thai brothel in Brighton Road, South Croydon. There were two women available and I chose the older one with a nice face. She's called Sonia. I tried getting on top of her and shagging her but that didn't work. We tried different things but I told her to lie on her back with her legs apart and pretend to be asleep. I wanked myself to orgasm looking at her pussy.

On the Sunday I went to Kitty's Place in Elmers End, not far from Croydon. I thought it might be Lola there but it was Roxy. Roxy is a beautiful black woman from Mauritius. She is tall and slender. I got on top of her and had an orgasm while fucking her. That's my favourite way to have an orgasm but it doesn't always work. My second favourite way is to wank myself while looking at her pussy.

After seeing Roxy I got on the tram and went to East Croydon. Pret a Manger was open so I went in for a coffee. I was sitting there and I saw a young scruffy woman approach an older man sitting outside. He wasn't interested so she walked off. I went out and started talking to her. She said her name is Shanie and she knows Trina and Angel (two street girls in Croydon: everyone knows Trina).

Shanie was very pretty even though she wasn't wearing any makeup. She looks about nineteen. She took me behind some offices where she told me she'd like to take me to her flat. I said I didn't want to do that and it's just as well I didn't because it seems she gets men to wait somewhere and goes off with their money.

I'm keeping away from street girls. I saw one in Liverpool several weeks ago while looking around the RLD. She was like Shanie, young and pretty even though she didn't wear makeup. This was mid afternoon and I have had a look around there a couple of times since then but not seen either her or any other street girl. I think they come out at night.

Friday, March 20, 2015

street girls in Liverpool and Croydon

When I was a visitor to Liverpool I looked for street girls and couldn't find any. Now I live here it seems that I have found one or two without even looking. Soon after I moved into my new flat a young woman asked me for money in the street where I live. I didn't give her any money and I didn't want to talk to her. A few days ago an older woman asked me for money.

I saw her talking to a man and guessed that she was begging. Then she walked towards me and called 'Charlie!'. I continued walking away from her. She called 'Charlie!' again. I turned round and said 'My name's not Charlie'. She said that she needed some money because something traumatic had happened to her and she needed to make a phone call. She did look quite distressed so I decided to give her a pound.

She asked me if I came from London and I said I did. She said what part of London and I said Croydon. She said that she used to live in Croydon, in Pawsons Road. There is a Pawsons Road in Croydon and it's not a well known road so I thought she must be telling the truth. I asked her if she knew any of the street girls that I had known in Croydon.

I asked her if she had known Trina Schofield. Trina is someone I met a few years ago. I had met lots of street girls when I went to Tooting Bec Common more than ten years ago. I have talked about many of them in my early posts on this blog. Trina wasn't one of those though.

In 2008 there was a group on the internet that discussed street girls. Trina's name was mentioned. I could see she lived not far from me. Steve said she was "the best deep throat I've ever had". Someone called pervez aktar said "best blowjob in the world" and "she gives the best head in the world". However, she could be very unreliable. Steve said "Don't try to work out what's going on. You need white brown and meth and it will make perfect sense".

I got her phone number, phoned her and went to her flat. I saw Trina three times in all. The second time it worked out quite well but she was too unpredictable. The last time I saw her she went off with my money. Years after that I saw a newspaper article about her. The headline was 'Vulnerable Croydon woman died after taking heroin with friends'. Apparently Trina had injected a mentally ill woman with heroin who then died.

A few years ago I met a woman I will call Amy. I liked her (unlike Trina) so I won't say her real name. The first time I saw Amy she was begging outside McDonald's in the North End Croydon. She said she needed money to get somewhere to sleep for the night. The second time I saw her was in Beulah Road. I spoke to her briefly and I asked her if she knew Trina. She said she did. I saw her a few more times, once at a bus stop.

In 2012 a woman who I had known from Tooting Bec Common contacted me by email. She had found out that I had mentioned her on my blog. I will call her Bernie. We corresponded by email and I learned a lot from her about the Common and the women who went there. You might ask how does a street girl keep in touch with someone by email. She mostly used a BlackBerry. Bernie knew Trina very well, she told me they often worked together.

Anne Marie/Anna/'Mummy'
Bernie sent me two accounts of her life. One of them was a day in the life of a street girl. I put both of them on my blog - she wanted me to - but she asked me to remove them after friends started asking if she had written them. She said that she had known someone who she called 'Mummy'. I thought she was referring to a black woman called Jodie but it was someone else.

Mummy died of an overdose. I got this photo of Mummy from the internet group. Someone had taken photos of her and other prostitutes working in the Kings Cross area of London. I put some of these photos on my blog and Bernie recognized her. I think Mummy had worked on the Common but I never met her.

One of the last emails I got from Bernie was worrying. She said that her best friend Stacey had died. She said that she was worried about being evicted because she was in arrears with her rent. She had been out to try and earn some money but had not made anything. Bernie didn't reply to my next email to her.

Weeks later I was going into Croydon on the bus and I saw Amy walking along. I got off the bus and rushed along North End trying to find her. I thought I had lost her but then I saw her. I went up to her and said that I had spoken to her before. I said that she had told me she knows Trina, does she know Bernie too? I wanted to know what had happened to Bernie.

Amy took me into McDonald's. I offered to buy her a coffee but she said she would prefer it if I just gave her the money. She told me that she and Bernie were good friends. Bernie had had a stroke and was now in hospital. She said that Bernie was being looked after by her father.

It's quite common for crack addicts to get strokes. I did get one more email from Bernie, a long time later. She said she's in a hospital in a particular area of London and she's getting better. Someone said there's a well known hospital in that area for brain injuries.

I had met Trina, Amy and Bernie under different circumstances so it surprised me that they all knew each other. But then I suppose it's not really surprising that drug addicts would all know each other. More recently last year in Croydon I met a black girl called Angel who knew Trina well.

The woman I spoke to just a few days ago said she hadn't known Trina, or any of the other street girls I named. That wouldn't be surprising if she left Croydon quite a few years ago.

She asked me if I'm a bachelor. I said yes. She asked me if I liked a drink. I said yes. She asked me if I would like her to come to my flat sometime and we can have a drink together. I said that I'm not sure about that because I'm a bit wary of people living in this area. She had also asked me what my name is and where I live but I told her I would prefer not to say. I can only assume she makes money from prostitution. I'm not sure, the only way I could find out would be to invite her in, but I'm not going to do that.

She saw someone on the other side of the road and said she had to go and talk to him. As she went off she said 'What's your name again?' and I replied 'Peter'. That's not my name. I have decided that I don't want her to come to my flat. I don't want to have anything to do with these people. It's not worth the risk. It might lead to people tapping on my windows in the early hours of the morning or maybe even a burglary. They're not all bad people though. Amy and Bernie were nice, and I feel sorry for Trina more than dislike her.

Friday, July 19, 2013

stunning girls

Last Friday I decided to go to a place in Bromley that I hadn't been to before. What made me want to go is that on the PunterNet forum someone said that he had encountered a 'stunning Mexican girl' although they usually have Thai girls there. The place is Laurens Adult Massage on Widmore Road.

I phoned and asked if I could see Amanda and I was directed to a flat. The woman who answered the door didn't look anything like I was expecting so I told her that I'm supposed to be meeting someone called Amanda. She said that she is Amanda. She didn't look Mexican at all, she was blonde. I decided to go along with it but throughout the session I thought she looks and sounds like an Eastern European.

She's actually quite an attractive woman, like a high-class escort, but it took me a while to appreciate that because I had been expecting something different. I paid £60 for half an hour of massage, body to body, and hand relief. It was a nice flat too. I just relaxed and let her do her thing.

The day before I had been in Soho. I had found out that there's a brothel in Soho, along with all of the walk ups. Someone had done a report on it on PunterNet. There's a black girl there called Zoe. It is number 8A Old Compton Street. When I got to the door I wasn't sure which flat to ring. There are three flats, and I think Flat 1 is the brothel. The label had a little heart drawn next to the flat number. I rang and said "Is Zoe there today?". The woman said Zoe only does weekends. I said "Who do you have there today?" and I was told to come up.

The maid or madam took me into one of the bedrooms and answered my questions. The minimum price is £50 which is for about 20 minutes. They have two girls there at a time and I could have taken my pick. I hoped to catch a glimpse of the girls but I thought I was pushing my luck and I had already told her I was only interested in Zoe.

The same day I went to Asian Touch which is a Thai massage place on Shaftesbury Avenue. I wanted to go there because someone had said there's an 'absolutely stunning girl' there. They told me I could come back at 5pm. I went to 26 Romilly Street to see Lulu. When I got up the stairs I saw the sign for Lulu but instead of the expected sign for Meena there was one for someone called Asia, and that she is Indian/Moroccan.

So I went to see Asia instead of Lulu. Asia is tall, with a dark skin like someone from the Mediterranean or the Middle East. She has small breasts and is neither skinny or fat. I got on top of her which I liked but I can't come that way. Later I asked the maid what has happened to Meena and she said that they hadn't heard from her for weeks. It sounds as if Meena won't be in Soho any more. Perhaps she ran up debts before she departed, they have to pay about £300 a day for the flat, it would make sense for them not to pay rent for as long as they could get away with if they're going.

I looked at the time on my mobile and realized I could be back at Asian Touch for 5pm. The girl was indeed pretty but it was dark in the room so I'm not sure if this girl is the absolutely stunning girl someone had mentioned. I'm used to the Chinese places, here it was a bit different, she used hot oils.

Last month I was in Croydon on a Thursday. I saw a Chinese woman who runs a Chinese medical establishment. When she was massaging me I asked her to put a finger up my bum, then two fingers. I already knew she is into this because I had seen her before. I said "I feel that you are the man and I am the woman". She laughed, asked me if I wanted to know how it feels, and moved her fingers in and out. The same day I went to a Thai brothel in Brighton Road. I saw Vicky and achieved orgasm while looking at her pussy and wanking myself.

The next day I went to Soho. First I saw Sandra at 26 Romilly Street. She is Thai. She wasn't very co-operative. I went back there later that day and saw Melanie. Melanie is also Thai, is older and tries harder to please. I had an orgasm with her, the same way as with Vicky the previous day.

The easiest way for me to orgasm is to have an oriental woman lie back on the bed with her legs wide apart and for me to wank myself while looking at her pussy and her talking dirty. It would help if they were stunningly beautiful, and I am always interested in stunners, but that's not the most important thing.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my recent visits to sex workers in Croydon

Yesterday I decided to make a second visit to the brothel in Southbridge Road in Croydon. It is called New Exotic Oriental and has Thai women there. When I phoned 07833624409 I was told that Stephanie was there that day. I had looked at reports for this place and Stephanie had some good reports. I said I would come that afternoon. I decided I would pay £60 for half an hour.

Stephanie has a very pretty face and a nice figure. She is in her 20s and has long black hair. Stephanie gave me some oral sex, without a condom, to get me erect. I asked her if she knew what the 69 position is. We moved into this position and I looked and her lovely bum and pussy while she sucked me. I noticed that there was a big mirror so I suggested we move so that I could watch us in this position.

Later I asked her to sit between my legs so that she could wank me while she talked dirty. On my previous visit to this place I had been with Dee Dee, but Dee Dee doesn't have good enough English to talk dirty convincingly. Stephanie has much better English.

Last week I visited another brothel in Croydon called Estrellas. It was my first time there. They have 2 phone numbers 07506134585 and 07944673870 and they also have a web site The entrance is in a little alleyway behind the main road.

Estrellas is not quite as nice a place as New Exotic Oriental, but it's OK. When I went in I was asked to sit and wait, and then two women walked into the room. I hadn't expected to be able to choose between two women. This is not usual for the sort of places I go to.

One of the women was blonde, and looked like an Eastern European. She wasn't especially attractive. The other woman had a beautiful face and looked as if she might come from South America. Both women were short and slightly plump. Neither were particularly young. That was fine with me though. I selected the Latin woman. I paid my £60 for the half hour.

I thought her name was Columbia to begin with. She pointed at herself and said 'Columbia'. It was only later that I realised she comes from Columbia (from Medellin) and I think she said her name is Sandra. She had very little English. Sandra was very friendly and fun loving.

While I was undressing Sandra slipped off her dress and lay on the bed on her front. I got onto the bed, kissed her on her shoulders and touched her bum. My hands were very cold, and she took my hands into hers and warmed them. She pressed my hands to her face and neck, and then they were warm enough for me to touch her without discomfort to her. She made sure I was comfortable by putting a pillow behind my head, talking to me in Spanish all the time.

Sandra put a condom on my willy and started sucking. Soon I was erect and she lay on her back with her legs apart. I got on top of her and she guided me in. I knew that I wouldn't be able to come that way, so I knelt between her legs and played with myself. She started playing with her herself too. I stared at her pussy and wanked myself, and soon I felt that I was about to come. I wondered if it would be a good idea for me to pull the condom off and then come over her. I thought she might not like that so I didn't.

I had managed to have an orgasm with Sandra. I had not managed to have an orgasm with Stephanie or with Dee Dee. I think this was because Sandra put me at my ease and I was able to relax with her. That's not a criticism of Stephanie or Dee Dee, they are both very nice. One of the reasons why I am wary of spending £60 is because it seems a waste of money if I don't manage to come, whereas £20 in Soho doesn't seem a waste of money.

Last year the Croydon Advertiser carried advertisements for Estrellas, and perhaps for New Exotic Oriental too. This year there seem to be no adverts for brothels. There was pressure on the paper to stop these adverts, but there are still a couple of adverts for escort agencies. My guess is that Croydon Advertiser has increased its price for ads for the sex industry. Brothels like Estrellas can't afford to pay, but escort agencies can. If this is true then people like Sandra, Stephanie and Dee Dee might be having a much tougher time in the future, with fewer customers and less income. I hope not.

Earlier in January I made a trip into Soho. I wasn't sure if I wanted to visit a woman. I saw that Kim was at 8 Greek Street so I decided to see her. We lay on the bed and I touched her and talked to her. She really has a pretty face, although I wasn't sure about the mauve eyeshadow. I asked her what country she comes from and she said Italy. I said that is interesting because last time I had seen her she said she was from Spain.

I would have been happy just looking at her lovely face but she kept tugging at my willy and I got an erection. So I told her I wanted to fuck her. She is tall, and it's always nicer to fuck tall girls. Kim is unusual because she doesn't seem eager to please her clients and is not very professional, yet she is willing to do things that most sex workers won't do. Like snogging, oral sex without a condom, and letting a man come in her mouth. She seems quite immature. Someone said they saw her leaning out the window talking to people in the street.

When I had seen Kim I decided I wanted to see Monica too. Kim and Monica are similar in some ways. They are both tall and have a Mediterranean beauty. I tried to see Monica three times that day, at 70A Berwick Street, but the maid kept telling me that Monica was busy and I should come back later.

So I went to see Amanda instead. Amanda looked very unhappy. At first I thought she might have been working too many hours and seeing too many customers each day. She seems to be there every weekday and works 12 hour shifts. However, when I asked her if she had had many customers that day she told me that I was only the second that day. I found this hard to believe. I saw her mid afternoon and she starts at 10 am. I told her I would have thought they would be queuing up the stairs. So I don't know what is happening there. I thought that men might think she is too nice and not raunchy enough.

I thought it would be nice to see an oriental girl so I went to 26 Romilly Street. The sign said there was one called Sandra. I had not heard of her but I decided to take a chance. Sandra was a lovely friendly girl. She has a pretty face and a slender waist, although she's not skinny.

Late last year I decided to see Dee Dee at 26 Romilly Street. The more I see of her the more I like her. When I first saw her I wasn't attracted to her, but now I think she's lovely.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dee Dee of 113 Southbridge Road and 26 Romilly Street

A while ago I looked at the PunterNet field reports for Croydon near where I live. One place that looked interesting is a brothel called New Exotic Oriental. I didn't get round to trying it out until recently. There is a thread on the PunterNet forum called 'The Singapore Grip'. This is the name of an unusual sexual practice described as this: 'Rhythmic contractions of the vagina are like a gentle and silky smooth unseen hand that draws you deeper to a powerful, rapid and dramatic climax'.

Someone responded by saying that he had only experienced this once, from Dee Dee of Croydon. Only she doesn't call it the Singapore Grip, she calls it a double head massage (can't quite work out why it would be called that). I remembered that Dee Dee is one of the girls at New Exotic Oriental, so I decided to go and see her.

On Wednesday last week I phoned the number (07833624409) and asked if I could see Dee Dee. I was told she would be there tomorrow and I made a half hour appointment for 11.15 am. When I got there it was an ordinary looking suburban house on a main road (A236), quite near to the centre of Croydon.

I was invited in by an oriental lady. I think this must be the woman they call Siu Lee (there are various spellings of her name). She's quite attractive and the reports say she used to work as a prostitute and still does sometimes but mainly looks after the girls there now. She asked me if I would like anything to drink. When I said no she said I could go up and see Dee Dee.

I went up the stairs to the bedroom. I recognized Dee Dee immediately. She is the same Dee Dee who works at 26 Romilly Street in Soho. I mentioned her in my previous post. I had gone to her flat but didn't fancy her so I made my excuses and left. It hadn't occured to me that Dee Dee of Croydon might be the same as the Dee Dee of Soho.

Dee Dee isn't ugly. I would say she has an ordinary looking face. Her body is very nice though. I thought I would give her a go. Fortunately she didn't recognize me or it might have been embarrassing. The first thing Dee Dee did was to squat down and start sucking on my penis - without a condom.

I got onto the bed and she continued with the oral sex without a condom. I asked her if she would like it if I gave her some oral sex. She seemed quite enthusiastic, she seemed enthusiastic about everything. I wouldn't have given her oral sex had I not been her first customer of the day. I'm sure she showers between customers but even so I would prefer not to do it if she'd seen a lot of men.

I asked her to give to give me a handjob because that's the way that I'm most likely to achieve orgasm. I asked her to talk dirty for me and she had a go but her English is not that good. I should have asked her to get on top of me so that I could experience the Singapore Grip but I'd forgotten all about that. We ended up with a cuddle and then me wanking her which she seemed to respond to.

At the end she wrapped a towel around her naked body and as I went down the stairs she shouted down to Siu Lee (if it was her) in English that I had wanted her to talk dirty but she wasn't any good at it because her English is not so good. At the foot of the stairs I turned to look back at her and she flashed me by lifting up her towel and laughed.

It was a very enjoyable experience, and very good value for money at £60 for the half hour. This is better value than Soho. Although 10 minutes is usually £20 in Soho, 20 minutes nearly always costs £50. I don't know what it would cost for 30 minutes as I have never had 30 minutes in Soho.

The house was very nice, not at all grotty as some of the flats can be in Soho. Most of the girls at New Exotic Oriental seem to be willing to do things not ordinarily available in Soho. Oral sex without a condom, for example. I don't think I will see Dee Dee in Croydon again, I think I will try one of the other girls. Stephanie and Jenny seem to be very good judging from the PunterNet reports. They seem to be prettier and speak better English. I might pop in to see Dee Dee in Soho for 10 minutes and try for the Singapore Grip.

There are grotty brothels in Croydon though. In my local free paper there are adverts for brothels. One of them is in Derby Road above a Chinese takeaway near West Croydon train station. I wanted to see what it was like but it was a dump so I didn't stay.

I said to the woman that I would like to spend 15 minutes with her and she told me that would cost £40. I questioned that because half an hour is £60, and she said that £40 is the minimum and I could have 20 minutes for that. I said I would go to the cash point then come back but I had no intention of having sex there whatever the price.

A while ago I came across another oriental brothel in Cavendish Road. That was a dump as well. It seems to have closed down now which is good. There is a charity in Croydon called Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) that has been chosen as this year’s Croydon Champions charity.

The problem with CCAT is that they are a group of feminist and religious extremists who would like to close down all brothels. As long as they want to do this they will make it more difficult to encourage the good ones (like Southbridge Road) and close down the bad ones (like Derby Road and Cavendish Road). So some women continue to suffer.

There were a couple of brothels that advertised in the local paper. They seem to have stopped advertising so I don't know if they still exist. In their adverts they said they had women and TVs. And they didn't mean televisions.