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Monday, January 4, 2016

my review of the year 2015

I made several trips to Manchester where there seems to be more choice than anywhere else and it's cheaper. There are so many brothels and the going rate seems to be £40 per half hour, whereas in London and Liverpool it's £60 and in Glasgow (another place I punted in for the first time) it's £80.

I liked Cosmopolitan in Portland Street where I met the extremely attractive Dana and Piccadilly Club in Great Ancoats Street where I met a number of lovely women such as Katie, Sonya, Priscilla and Camille. It's even cheaper at Piccadilly, it's only £35 per half hour. The other place I liked was Salon 24 especially Cat.
I also made several trips to Soho. I mostly visited the walk ups but also a few Chinese massage places. My best day in Soho was in April when I saw pretty Thai girl Poppy, Scandinavian blonde nympho Eva and voluptuous Romanian Amy. I had seen all of them before and they are some of the best.

When I go to Chinese massage places it's not usually as sordid as the walk ups. Usually it is a nice massage and then the girl uses her hands to bring me to orgasm. That was how it was in May when I went to see a girl in London Chinatown that I had been told about. Two people emailed me to ask if I'd seen this girl who they both said was very pretty. I also saw a Thai woman in Manchester Chinatown who was very skilled at what she did.
However, it can be more sordid in Chinese massage places than the walk ups. I saw again a woman in Charing Cross Road who I had seen last year. She gave me oral sex without a condom and she lets men put their fingers in her pussy and bum hole. I found another one like her in Little Newport Street who was equally as wild.

I tried all of the brothels on the eastern side of the Wirral. I met Chrissie and Jordan at Jays Wallasey, Lauren at Overpool Angels, and Taylor at The Penthouse. All of these women are older local women who seem to be nymphomaniacs. Completely different from the younger ones in Soho who are mostly Eastern European. I went to the Thai brothel in Rock Ferry too where I met Jenny.

In Liverpool I met the independent black escort Maya and a Thai woman called Lily, both of them working from flats in the central Ropewalks area.

I have enjoyed my time with all of these women, but who was the best? That's difficult to say. Dana in Manchester was the most attractive. Katie in Manchester combined good looks and youth with sexiness and fun attitude. I liked Lauren because she's the one I would most like to have an affair with. The best one was the most recent: Cat in Manchester is young (24) and attractive (if you like her type) and seems a complete nymphomaniac. I used to think it was a myth that you can find local nymphomaniacs in brothels but since I moved to the North West I believe it. People will say that they are good at pretending but I think you can tell. When they wank themselves to orgasm, that's a good sign, especially if they screw their faces up as if they're in pain; they wouldn't do that if they were trying to look sexy.

I talked to three street girls this year. I found the Red Light Districts in Liverpool and Manchester. I only saw one street girl in Liverpool and I talked to her. I saw several in Manchester but I only spoke to one of them, a glamorous Asian looking woman sitting at the northern corner of St Andrew's Square. I also talked to Shanie in Croydon. I keep away from street girls now.
The number of 'Pageviews all time history' for this blog is very nearly one million. It's always amazed me that I can type in something and thousands of people will read it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

where to next?

When I started going to Jays and Overpool Angels I thought I would go on different days and see each of the women working there. The first woman I saw at Jays was Amy. She has average looks and isn't very raunchy but she is young. I went there another day and it happened to be her again. Then I saw Chrissie. Chrissie isn't young but she is attractive and raunchy.

The third one I saw at Jays was Jordan. She's not young or attractive but is raunchy. I enjoyed my time with her and did manage to come. I realized though that if I kept going to Jays I could end up with a woman who didn't tick any of my boxes. Someone who isn't young, attractive or raunchy.

When I first went to Overpool Angels I saw Lauren. Lauren is in her 40s (whereas Chrissie and Jordan are old women). I find her very attractive. And she is certainly raunchy. The next day I saw Tanya. Tanya is young but I didn't find her attractive. I should think that there are many men who do find her attractive, but not me. She's raunchy but a bit wild for me. She said she'd been dogging the night before in Otterspool.

The day after I saw Lauren again. I went before 1 pm so it only cost me £30 for the half hour. By the end of the half hour I hadn't come but I knew I could so I paid another £30 for another half hour. I also paid her £10 at the end for the oral sex without a condom. She had a little vibrator and I put it up her bum. We tried the 69 position. I got one of my finger up her bum hole. I came wanking myself with 3 fingers in her pussy. I tried not to get any sperm near her pussy and positioned myself so that it went on her tummy.

Lauren seems a lovely person and is easy to talk to. We talked a lot. She asked me about myself but not in a way that felt intrusive. Also it didn't get in the way of the sex. I said we could start with a cuddle. Then I think I said this is what I missed out on when I was a teenager. She asked me about my life and I told her I'd been to an all boys school and that I lost my virginity quite late. I told her that it was traumatic for me when I lost my virginity because the girl was critical of me. I told her that about the same time I went to see a prostitute in Bayswater who was beautiful and very kind and helpful. I said I wish I'd stuck with the prostitute.

She told me things about her life too. She said me she had read part of my blog; I had given her the web address when I saw her two days before.

Before I saw Lauren for the second time I wanted to see the other woman who was on offer there. I can't remember her name but she looked quite old and I wasn't attracted to her. So it wasn't a difficult choice to make to see Lauren.

On Saturday I went against my decision to see women at random. I phoned Jays and asked who was there. She said Michelle. I asked for a brief description but they're not helpful, they're not accurate. I went to Jays but I didn't find Michelle attractive. She's old and not raunchy. She seems quite a nice person though so it wasn't a complete waste of time and money.

When it comes to my next sexual adventure, my best bet would be to see Lauren again. I don't want to see women at random. I could go to Liverpool and pay £60 to see someone for half an hour. Maya sounds interesting. She's a black woman who advertises in the local paper. But I'm trying not to spend so much money.

I can't be bothered to go all the way to Manchester. It's much cheaper there and there is more to choose from. I could see pretty Dana at Cosmo, or select from four women at Piccadilly, or see if they have a big woman in their line up at Salon 24. I'm not planning to make any more trips to London. I'm not tempted to try to find any street girls.

I've just seen a picture on Brandy at Overpool Angels. She's black and 27. She's there today and Friday. Sounds promising.

Friday, September 11, 2015

cheap brothels in Merseyside

When I moved out of Liverpool I intended to visit about once a week. I don't live far away. Now I rarely go there. When I do I can't resist looking in the Liverpool Echo and the Metro to see if there's any new adverts for sex workers.

On Monday I came to Liverpool and saw an ad 'Hot Latino Girl'. I hadn't intended to go anywhere but I phoned her. She said she charges £80 and she's working from a block of flats in Fleet Street which for some curious reason is called the Jam Works. Funnily enough I had seen another sex worker at the Jam Works. She is South American too and was gorgeous. She charged £100 for a half hour but was worth it.

I went to the flats and then phoned her again. She said she'll be a couple of minutes and that I should wait. I waited then saw a woman come to the main door. It's a glass door so I could see her clearly. She was nothing like I was hoping for so I walked briskly away. My mobile started ringing but I ignored it. Later I saw a text from her 'Where are you?'. I felt guilty but what can you do.

I don't mind older women, or fatter women, or even ugly women. But I'm not going to pay £80 to a woman if she doesn't attract me.

A few months ago I went back to the Thai brothel in Rock Ferry. The first time I went was really good. This time I was expecting a choice of two women but they only had one available and she was older and not so attractive. So I told them I wasn't interested and walked out. They didn't seem to mind and she said come back tomorrow.

They charge £60 per half hour at the Thai brothel. I could go to Manchester where the going rate seems to be £35 or £40 per half hour. However, I found a brothel in Wallasey called Jays. They charge £45 per half hour, with an extra £10 if you want oral sex without a condom. I saw a rather insecure 19 year old there twice. Then I saw two much older women, Chrissie and Jordan. They're best friends and must be older than me. One of them is quite attractive, the other isn't. I won't say which is which in case one of them reads this and is offended.

Both of them seem to be nymphomaniacs and are as foul mouthed as you like. I came on Chrissie's face. I'd never come on a woman's face before. It didn't just go on her face and in her mouth but on her lips too.

On Tuesday I found out about another place which is even cheaper. I'd seen the ads for Overpool Angels before but I didn't know where Overpool is or where the M53 is. When I looked it up and phoned them I realized I could get there quite easily. It's near the Merseyrail station and I can use my All Zones Saveaway to get there. They only charge £40 per half hour, but if you go between 10 am and 1 pm it's only £30.

So yesterday I went there for the first time and paid £40. They only had one woman there and that was Lauren. She's not the youngest or slenderest of women but I found her very sexy. I think she must be a nymphomaniac too. Like Chrissie and Jordan she's a local English lass. She let me kiss her and finger her and I came while on top of her fucking her.

I went back there this morning and paid £30. It was Tanya there today who I'm sorry to say didn't really do it for me. I'm planning to go back tomorrow, I know that Lauren will be there again and there might be another woman for me to choose from. Their £30 offer before 1 pm doesn't last much longer so I want to make the best of it.

The flat is very nice, unlike the Thai brothel and Jays which are dumps. It must be the cheapest sex I've had. Soho is less money but that's for just 10 minutes. It's even cheaper than in Manchester.

Other things that have happened to me since my last post. I've been to Soho again. I went to a Thai brothel in South Croydon and another nearby. I've also had two encounters with street girls, one in Liverpool and one in Croydon. I don't like to do anything with street girls because of the moral issues, much better for me to stick with the older nymphomaniacs who can really do it for me. I do like to find out what goes on though. So I found the Red Light District in Liverpool just as previously I found the RLD in Manchester and had a little look around.