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Friday, April 25, 2014

St James's Park again

I wanted to enjoy a good massage again and I decided it was time to go back to the flat near to St James's Park where the two Chinese girls have set themselves up. I had been there once before and enjoyed it and this time I wanted to see the other of the two girls.

If Candy had still been working at Red Lotus Spa in Wardour Street then I would definitely have gone to see her because she is the nicest I have ever seen but she has gone back to China. If I had known she was going to go back to China I would have gone to see her again but she didn't tell me or any of the readers of this blog who went to see her. One guy told me that he went to see her and what he did to her.
the massage room
I looked at the new Gumtree ad for the girls near St James's Park and I saw that they have a special offer. Before 4 pm an hour's massage is £45 instead of £50. I phoned and booked for yesterday, specifically asking for the other of the two girls. I won't give her name because I know she prefers that I don't do that.

When I got there the door was opened by a young woman. I didn't find her attractive and I assumed that she was their maid Yuki. She was wearing casual clothes and had big glasses on. She showed me into the room, the same room as I was in on my previous visit. She took the money and asked me to take off my clothes and lie face down on the massage couch.

After a few minutes the same woman came back into the room, only she was wearing a short black dress. I was expecting a different woman to come into the room, so I asked her if she is the woman I had booked to see. She said she is.

She went to work on my back. There is some building work going on in the neighbourhood but there wasn't as much noise as the previous time I had been there. Most of the time no noise at all. When she asked me to turn over I got a surprise because she had taken her glasses off and I could see she is actually a very pretty girl. She told me she does hand relief for £30 and I said I would like that. Her dress was so short that when she bent over I could see her bum cheeks. I touched her bum and the top of her legs as she was wanking me but when I lifted up the front of her dress she moved away.

She has a nice body with long legs and I was feeling quite attracted to her. I needed something more and I thought about asking her to take off her dress which is what I had done with the other girl. However, I thought it would be even more sexy if she took off her knickers and lifted her dress up so that I could see her pussy. When I asked her she said she didn't do that.

I said I would give her another £10 if she took her knickers off and after a couple of minutes she agreed, but I wasn't allowed to touch. She was wearing little black knickers and she slipped them off. I looked at her crotch and I was getting more aroused. I asked her to stand with her legs apart a bit. I thought about asking her to sit on the black sofa you can see in the photo next to the massage couch with her legs apart so that I could look at her pussy and wank myself but I didn't know if she would want to do that.

So I looked at her pussy and the top of her legs and before long I came. She bent over and gave me a little kiss on the mouth. It was nice to see her face close up; she has lovely eyes and a lovely mouth. She wiped the sperm from my tummy and said I could have a shower if I liked. I was feeling so relaxed that I didn't feel like a shower so she said she could get a hot towel to wipe the oil off. I agreed to that and it felt very nice.

I got dressed and handed over the £40 that we had agreed on. I told her about my blog and I asked her if she would like me to mention them again. She said yes but perhaps it would be better not to use her name. I asked her if she and the other girl work for themselves or for someone else and she said they work just for themselves.
2 Greens Court
I walked through St James's Park to Trafalgar Square and then Chinatown and Soho. I looked around Soho and noticed that 2 Greens Court is looking much improved. They've given the stairway a coat of paint and put new flooring on the stairs. They've also put 'Models' in nice lettering instead of the usual home made efforts. I went up the stairs and could see that the two women there were Angie and Poppy. Angie is one of the best sex workers in Soho and Poppy and the other Thai girls have a good reputation too.

2 Greens Court is one of the better places to go now, along with 70A Berwick Street. I didn't go to see either Angie or Poppy because I had got what I wanted in the flat near St James's Park.

Monday, September 16, 2013

my best Chinese massage ever

Someone left a comment on one of my posts asking if anyone had tried the flat near St James's Park run by a few Chinese students. He said they were advertising on Gumtree and elsewhere. This sounded intriguing to me. I couldn't find any of their adverts but someone commented that he'd been there, thought they were very good, and gave their phone number. It is 07923247974.

This isn't one of the Chinese medical establishments, it is a private flat. You have to phone them and make an appointment. I did this earlier this month. The flat is in a road just off Strutton Ground near St James's Park and Victoria. Strutton Ground has a street market and is a good place to buy something to eat for lunch.

I decided to have a half hour massage and paid £30. The girl was very pretty and was wearing a short summery dress. The massage took place in a pleasant room.

this is the room where I had my massage
I asked her how much hand relief would cost, and she said £30. She said that she does body-to-body for £50. I told her I would like hand relief so she put some oil on my cock and started massaging it. I was starting to get an erection but it was taking quite a while. I said "Could you take your dress off for me, please?". I don't think she normally takes her dress off unless she is doing body-to-body. She said that she would take her dress off for another £10.

She removed her dress and then her bra. I could see even better now just how skinny she is. She has tiny breasts, but that is something you expect from a Chinese girl, that is one of their charms. She told me I could touch her if I wanted. When she started wanking me again I got a strong erection. I needed to see her body to become fully aroused.

I asked her how old she is and she asked me how old does she look. I said 18 or 20, and she told me she is in fact 23. I felt that I might be beginning to lose my erection, and I said "Could you pull your knickers down for me, please?". She seemed a bit reluctant at first, then pulled them half way down.

I looked at her pussy and the top of her thighs. She continued to wank me and before too long the sperm was shooting out of me. When it was all over, she asked me if I would like a shower. I said that I would, but that I wanted to give her the money first in case I forgot. We had agreed on £40, but I gave her £50 because I was so pleased with her.

£50 is what I would have given her if she had given me a body-to-body massage. I'm glad that I didn't ask for body-to-body though. It was more exciting for me that during the course of the massage she started fully clothed then removed more and more clothing until she was effectively naked. The physical stimulation of her hands on my cock wasn't enough for me, I had to have that visual stimulation too. I paid £80 altogether, and it was worth it.

She took me to the bathroom and turned on the shower for me. While in the shower I looked out of the window to see what the noise was. There was building work going on. There is a lot of building work going on in that area. The sound was a bit off-putting during the massage, but not too much.

Before I went she said she hoped to see me again. I asked what days she does and she said Monday to Friday, but she's not always there, she lives not far away and she can come in specially if I want her. The other girl there is supposed to be just as nice, I might try her next.

I don't think they really are students. I think they are the same as the women in the Chinese medical establishments, but they have started up on their own. In fact, I think that I have seen this girl before. I think that she and her friend worked at Forever Health at 8 Windmill Street near Tottenham Court Road. I am glad if they have really set themselves up on their own, if they can make more money for themselves and organise themselves. I would much rather pay for people who work independently instead of a big company.